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Our Services

Cook Consultancy supports organisations providing vital services to communities affected by conflict and adversity in Northern Ireland and internationally.  Through training, facilitation, mediation and consultation, Cook Consultancy provides practical support to practitioners to strengthen both their practice and their personal resiliency.  Bespoke services are offered to each organisation or group so that specific needs can be met.


Training can be provided across a number of themes including: trauma-informed and resiliency-focused practice, trauma-informed mediation, creating safe spaces for dialogue, storytelling as a peacebuilding tool, etc.  The Community Resiliency Model is the primary training methodology for trauma-informed and resiliency-focused practice.  


Mediation services can be provided to people who need a safe space for interpersonal dialogue or for larger organisational processes.  As a trained mediator and a member of Mediators Across the Commonwealth, Sara Cook provides the support for constructive dialogue.


Facilitation for peacebuilding, transformational dialogue, WPS discussions, strategic planning, etc. is available to groups and organisations.  Facilitation support varies in length and approach, based on the needs of the group or organisation.  Recent examples of this work include diversity and inclusion dialogue, as well as organisational planning and change.


Consultation is available across a range of themes, including becoming a trauma-informed organisation.  As a former lecturer and educator, Sara Cook can also provide short-term educational support.  Contact Cook Consultancy to see what support may be helpful to your group or organisation.

What Our Clients Say

Image by Colton Duke

Northern Ireland Community Worker

You have such an incredible warmth, kindness and generosity of spirit that just radiates from you.  It was quite something to watch you in action-- you are such a skilled trainer and facilitator.

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