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Meet Sara Cook

I am a conflict response specialist with 20 years' experience of working with people affected by conflict in Northern Ireland and internationally.  My peacebuilding work includes dialogue, mediation and storytelling encounters between conflict-affected populations, including security forces, ex-combatants and people bereaved or injured by conflict.  Much of my work addresses the psychosocial impact of conflict, including the impact of mediation and peacebuilding work on practitioners.  I have designed and implemented methodologies to address conflict-related impact and have provided training in mediation, dialogue, trauma intervention and resiliency to people from over 30 countries.  The Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda is a key priority in my peacebuilding work.  Through facilitation and research, I support international efforts to promote the integration of women and girls into all levels of peacebuilding work.

In addition to peacebuilding, past experience also included organisational leadership and work in the Early Years context.  I use my experience in these varied contexts to support local and international organisations, particularly in the area of resiliency.  I primarily use the Community Resiliency Model ( in my work on trauma-informed practice and resiliency due to its extraordinary effectiveness with both practitioners and service recipients.


Who we have worked with

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The Need

All over the world, practitioners support populations who have been affected by poverty, conflict and natural disasters.  However, there are few structures and services in place to support the psychosocial needs of peacebuilders, mediators, humanitarian workers, educators, healthcare staff and community workers.  Cook Consultancy has worked with people all over the world who face personal impact from their important work.  From teachers, to community workers, to peacebuilders, practical supports and concepts can make a vital difference in the likelihood of secondary trauma or psychosocial impact from their work.  

Cook Consultancy has provided focused training, facilitation and support to practitioners from diverse regions including: Ukraine, Kashmir, Zimbabwe, South Sudan, the Pacific Islands, the Horn of Africa, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and others.

The Need
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