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Who we have worked with

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About Cook Consultancy

Cook Consultancy supports organisations providing vital services to communities affected by conflict and adversity in Northern Ireland and globally.  Through training, facilitation, mediation and consultation, Cook Consultancy provides practical support to practitioners to strengthen both their practice and their personal resiliency.

Increase your resilience

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The Need

All over the world, practitioners support populations who have been affected by poverty, conflict and natural disasters.  However, there are few structures and services in place to support the psychosocial needs of peacebuilders, mediators, humanitarian workers, educators, healthcare staff, and community workers.  Cook Consultancy fills this gap with sensitive and experienced support.

Our Services

Cook Consultancy provides training, facilitation, mediation and consultancy services to groups, communities and organisations affected by conflict or working with conflict-affected populations.  Cook Consultancy also supports universities with training and best practice in peacebuilding, as well as trauma-informed and resiliency-focused practice.


Sara's vast knowledge and expertise in trauma and resiliency-informed practice is second to none.  The training she delivered to the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism was outstanding and Sara's open and encouraging style enabled people to develop their skills and knowledge to better support people affected by traumatic incidents.

Jo Dover, Victim of Terrorism Specialist

The [training] session was informative and beneficial and the participants had many take-aways.  Sara shared many tools that will always stay with us, build our confidence and help us deal with difficult situations, while living in a conflict zone.

Ezabir Ali, Kashmiri peacebuilder

Sara facilitated a trauma-informed peacebuilding training for 18 women peacebuilders from Zimbabwe.  Besides just equipping the women with skills, this training increased the visibility of informal peacebuilders, further enhancing their potential to impact on national level peacebuilding processes.

Dudziro Nhengu, Zimbabwean peacebuilder

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